Kalmar offers the most comprehensive range of terminal tractors on the market. This includes models for lighter distribution to those machines designed to undertake demanding duties for heavy industries such as steel mills. Kalmar’s market position in this sector is extremely strong, with the 40,000th terminal tractor assembled in the US last year.

While two thirds of the market for short container and trailer moves is currently in North America, Kalmar’s terminal tractors are supplied to ports, terminals and distribution and long-distance truck centres around the globe. The majority of units are produced by the Ottawa, Kansas facility in North America, while Kalmar’s new manufacturing facility in China provides terminal tractors for the Asian market and a third facility in Finland supplies the European market.

Kalmar’s comprehensive range of terminal tractors focuses on an application-based design. They are available in 4x2 and 4x4 formats with a gross combined weight of 50 tons up to 300 tons. In 2006, Kalmar launched the world’s first series of tractors to be completely integrated with an electronic system through CAN-BUS technology. Known as the i-model series, this range is the latest addition to Kalmar’s suite of terminal tractors designed specifically for RoRo applications.